CTSB board members are selected by the members of the Society and are eligible to serve a three-year term. Our board members contribute skills from diverse professions and provide support and guidance that is central to our growth and success.

Lizelle De Wet
Lizelle currently holds the position of CEO at CTSB. Prior to her appointment at the Society she headed up various other NGO’s particularly focusing on the disability sector. She is the recipient of numerous awards over the past few years for adding value in various areas.

Jenny Ibbotson

Mr Kenny van Aardt
Deputy Chairman 

Corinne Hudson

Derick Greeff
Chairperson CTSB Trust

Our Management Team at CTSB is dedicated to ensuring the ongoing support and upliftment of Blind and Visually Impaired Persons within the Western Cape. Lizelle De Wet (CEO) forms part of this team.

Judith Coetzee
Deputy CEO

Sandra Dreyer
HOD: Training, Education and Development (TED) 

Elize Marais
Operations Manager 

Vanessa Fredericks
Financial Manager

Tony Matthee
Production & Sales Manager 


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