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Incentives for being involved:

  • Your donation will undoubtedly help this Fund facilitate the growth of our youth to reach their full potential resulting in a productive, economically empowered and responsible workforce.

  • We are open to leverage Public Relations in a shared value approach.

  • The Cape Town Society for the Blind is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO: 003-208). Donations are tax-deductible in terms of Section 18a of the Income Tax Act. See bank details below.

Request that your family supports a visually impaired person in lieu of a gift or in honor of a special occasion. Chat to a CTSB staff member info@ctsb.org.za

Cape Town Society for the Blind
First National Bank
Account number: 50080130640
Branch code: 201909
Cheque account

For a cheque donation
Please make your cheque payable to 'Cape Town Society for the Blind' and post to the following address:

P O Box 1081

Bequests & Planned Gifts

Should you wish to support the society in the future through a bequest or charitable trust, please email us info@ctsb.org.za

Volunteer at Cape Town Society for the Blind

Should you wish to volunteer to assist us in any way that you are able, please contact Marisa Teles at info@ctsb.org.za or telephonically on 021 448 4302.

Donate your birthday

This year, do something great with your birthday. Rally your friends to give back by making a difference in the lives of the blind and Visually Impaired People (VIP’s) in the Western Cape, email info@ctsb.org.za and find out how…

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