It will change the life of a Blind or Visually Impaired Person forever!


Our mission is to develop the abilities and skills of blind and visually impaired people, irrespective of age, race or creed, through innovative training, career development and job placement programmes that facilitate the creation of self confidence as well as economic independence.


Our vision is to continually expand our training, education and development programms, thereby aligning the skills of blind and visually impaired people with enhanced employment opportunities within the corporate sector. We are committed to increasing our small business units and developing additional skills within the crafting sector ensuring accessible, sustainable employment opportunities and enhanced quality of life for them.

RUN WITH A VISION - happening soon!

Cape Town Society for the Blind  is hosting its second fun run/walk-with-a- DIFFERENCE this year!

To coincide with the annual international awareness month for people with disabilities, the 5km run/walk will take place on SATURDAY, 30th NOVEMBER, at Rondebosch Common

Rustenburg Girls’ High kindly offered their venue to be used for parking and refreshment stations.

For tickets  go to



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